How to Install Web Server and Web Hosting (English version)

I will install the Ubuntu operating system and create a web server using Apache2, PHP, MariaDB (Mysql).

First you need to install Ubuntu.

I will install Ubuntu version 16.04.

Go to and download Downloads -> Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.

To download 64-bit, just click on Download.


If you want to download 32 bit, I’ll explain it in the link below.


If you have downloaded Ubuntu 16.04, there is a way to install Ubuntu by creating a virtual machine with virtualbox or vmware.

And there is a way to install it on your computer via USB.

And a hosting provider can get a virtual server at a low cost per month.

If you are new to it, I recommend installing it on your virtualbox, vmware, or hosting provider.

But if you have a spare computer, you can install it by USB.


Installing Ubuntu is simple, so I will not explain it separately.

If you have any questions about installing Ubuntu, please contact us at the following link.

Please note that you should set the language to English if possible.


If the installation is complete, please remove the USB or ios file that you inserted.

And reboot.


If you see the Ubuntu main screen, click on the first icon in the upper left corner and search for cmd and run cmd.


Let’s start setting up Ubuntu web server and web hosting from now on.


When you run cmd

At last  : ~ $  It will be like this.

You must first obtain root privileges.

You also need to set the root password.

:~$ sudo passwd root


First, enter your Ubuntu login password.

From the second time, enter the password for root access.

write again.

Do not be surprised if you write your password on the screen when you write password.




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